Pen roll "Giraffe"

Pen roll "Giraffe"

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For the pen rolls of Unique Design only high-quality fabrics are considered, which are lovingly crafted in the finest handcraft in Austria.


Our pen rollers are suitable for 24 crayons or fineliners.

They are space-saving, washable and the handling is very simple, so our pen rollers are also ideal for children. After use, the sorted pins / fineliner are rolled up and closed by attaching the tape attached to the end of the roll, on the color-coordinated knob. The individual compartments for the pens or fineliner are sewn so that nothing slips, but everything remains in its place.

The pen roll can be cleaned at 30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine.

When purchasing the donor roll, you can also order 24  high-quality crayons with increased breaking strength at the same time. Only wood from certified and sustainably managed forests was used to make the pens!

Before you buy, choose whether you want to buy the pen roll with or without colored pencils.



Rolled out: about 35 cm x 20 cm
Rolled in: about 6 cm wide, 20 cm high, 6 cm deep

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