Mini Organic grains Pillow "Bubbles" - blue/purple

Mini Organic grains Pillow "Bubbles" - blue/purple

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Our organic granary pillows offer many advantages:

  • soothing
  • Heat and cooling application possible
  • for a variety of diseases and injuries
  • contributes to the relaxation
  • helps children to fall asleep
  • First aid measures
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe warm-up
  • safe heat carrier
  • easy handling (by oven, microwave, radiator,   freezer)
  • cuddly
  • long bands of fabric guarantee the possibility of fixation and secure hold on every single body site
  • mobility and freedom of movement remain
  • washable cover
  • released moisture penetrates deep into the body

What can one use the organic granary pillow among other things?

3-month colic in babies, abdominal pain, muscle tensions, neck tension, cold feet, distended abdomen, chronic pain, sprains, instinctual stitches, bumps, fever, dysphagia, swelling, phlebitis, nail bed inflammation, abscesses, cramps, etc.

What should YOUR organic granary pillow be filled with?

Organic wholegrain spelled: absorbs heat more quickly, has a slightly more intense odor after heating and is slightly coarser.

Peeled organic rye: Compared to organic whole-grain spelled, organic rye is finer and almost odorless after heating.

Both types of filling feel very pleasant on the skin and have the same effect.

Before you add your organic granary pillow to the shopping cart, please select which filling you would like to have!

Cushion (without tapes): approx. 15.5 cm x 17 cm
Total length of strap: approx. 66 cm



  • cushion cover
  • filled inlet
  • detailed instructions for use, printed on elegant paper

Tip: In order to always have a chilled Inlet with organic grains ready for emergencies, you can order another Inlet here and simply store one of them in a freezer bag in the freezer.

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