Organic grains Pillow "Elli"

Organic grains Pillow "Elli"

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Unique Design's organic grain pillows can be both heated and cooled. Due to their many properties, they are optimal aids for a variety of illnesses or "aches and pains" and are often used for "first aid" for all ages.

In addition, organic granules pillows are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic hot water bottles and cooling pads!

With hot water bottles you might also run the risk of scalding yourself which is especially dangerous for children. Organic grain pillows, on the other hand, are safe heat carriers!

When the pad is heated, moisture is also released from the granules. An application with moist heat guarantees that it penetrates deeper than a hot water bottle.

Furthermore, organic granules pillows are very cuddly when compared to cherry stone pillows, which are rather harsh and hard.

In edition to all that children love the warmth of Unique Design''s pillows in their beds, because it makes it easier for them to fall asleep after an exciting day.

You can close the pillow cover with press studs. On both sides the cover sports colour cooridinated long bands with which it can be attached to the body. As a result, you can - if you want to - still remain mobile despite your initial pain. As a side benefit, those long bands can also facilate storage.
Additionally the cover is washable (machine wash, 30 degrees Celsius).

The removable inlet is divided into 4 compartments, so that the organic grains do not slip when placed on the desired location.

Before you add the product to the cart, you can choose between organic rye and organic wholemeal spelled. Wholegrain spelled absorbs heat more quickly, has a slightly more intense odor after heating and is slightly coarser. The peeled organic rye is a bit finer in comparison. Both types of filling feel very pleasant on the skin and have the same basic effect.

The cold or heat of the organic granules pillows are maintained for about 30 minutes.

The organic grain cushions can be used - among other things - for:

3-month colic in babies, abdominal pain, muscle and neck tension, "lumbago", cold feet, distended belly, chronic pain, sprains, insect bites, bumps, fever, dysphagia, swelling, phlebitis, nail bed inflammation, abscesses, etc.

Heating is easy in the oven (recommended version), in the microwave or on the radiator. For cooling you only need a freezer compartment.

Tip: In order to always have a chilled inlet with organic grains in case of an emergency, you can order another inlet
here and simply store one of them in a freezer bag in the freezer.

When you buy an organic grain pillow Unique Design includes detailed instructions for use!

Cushion (without ribbon): approx. 48cm x 19cm
Ribbon length total: approx. 141cm


  • cushion cover
  • filled inlet
  • free instructions for use
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